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What is Online Trading?

Online trading is a simple way of investing in various financial products. Any person who wishes to make money from the market can easily learn how to trade and potentially make a profit regardless of whether the price of a specific asset is going up or down.

There are many financial assets that can be traded online including Shares, such as Facebook, Commodities, such as oil, Currencies such as the Japanese Yen and Indices such as the US Tech 100. At FXMARKER, customers can trade these products on our customized, leading-edge web and mobile platforms.

Our Products

FXMARKER Trading Products:


The currency exchange market is one of the largest in the world. The Forex market is open for trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FXMARKER offers a vast range of currency pairs to trade with, including well-known currencies such as the Dollar, Euro and the Pound, as well as exotic currencies that are less well-known, such as the Turkish Lira and Mexican Peso.

Benefits of Trading Forex:

  • Access the market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Benefit from market movements in either direction.
  • Access a $4 trillion market with limited funds and leverage of up to 400 times.

Most popular currency pairs:

  • EUR/USD Euro/ U.S Dollar
  • USD/JPY U.S Dollar/ Japanese Yen
  • GBP/USD Great Britain Pound/ U.S Dollar
  • EUR/JPY Euro/ Japanese Yen
  • USD/CHF U.S Dollar/ Swiss Franc
  • AUD/USD Australian Dollar/ U.S Dollar
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Gold, Silver and Oil are a small selection of commodities that FXMARKER offers. They are highly demanded and are therefore excellent options to trade with. The factors that affect the price of these commodities can be easily monitored as they are heavily documented in the news on a daily basis. Trade the commodity market through our variety of CFDs and see how you can capitalize on market trends by buying or selling commodities that have constantly shifting values.

Benefits of Trading Commodities:

  • Trade sought after commodities without having to physically purchase them.
  • Expand your trading portfolio without the expense of additional commission.
  • Enhance your earning potential by using leverage of up to 400 times.

Most popular commodity pairs:

  • Gold XAU/USD
  • Silver XAG/USD
  • Platinum XPT/USD
  • Oil OIL/USD
  • Soybeans SOY/USD
  • Corn COR/USD
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Start to invest in major market indices such as the UK 100US Tech 100 and Japan 225 with CFD trading. Unlike normal index trading which is usually done by purchasing an ETF that tracks the index, CFD trading doesn't require you to take possession of any underlying physical instrument. Simply buy or sell a CFD, with only a fraction of the physical capital required using leverage and start to benefit from all market movements.

Benefits of Trading Indices:

  • Make trades based on the performance of world renowned stock indices without having to physically purchase them.
  • Purchase well known indices using leverage and benefit whether the index goes up or down.
  • Diversify your trading portfolio with an assortment of indices without having to pay standard industry commission.

Most commonly traded indices:

  • Spain 35 IBX/EUR
  • Germany 30 DAX/EUR
  • US 30 DOW/USD
  • US Tech 100 NDQ/USD
  • US 500 SNP/USD
  • Japan 225 NKD/USD
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With FXMARKER, you can enjoy trading a wide range of the world’s most popular shares including Google, Apple and Facebook. By trading shares with us, not only can you benefit from the market rising or falling, you can also take advantage of leveraged trading meaning that you can purchase $4000 worth of shares with an investment of just $100.

Benefits of Trading Shares:

  • Leveraged trading allows you to purchase 40 times more shares than a regular investment.
  • As opposed to regular share trading, you can benefit when the market rises or falls.
  • Trading shares with FXMARKER is commission free – allowing you to use your complete investment.

Most popular Shares:

  • Apple

  • Google

  • Coca-Cola

  • Facebook

  • Amazon

  • Pfizer

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