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FXMARKER Offers Safe and Strictly Secure Trading

FXMARKER is highly committed to protecting its client’s funds and to provide them with the highest level of security. We invest extensive resources in ensuring that our customers receive ongoing defense from any occurrence of extreme market volatility and implement many advanced measures to protect their safety.

Here are a few examples of how we protect our customers:

  • Thorough Risk Management 
    FXMARKER employs trained experts that defend our clients and business from exposure to potential financial disruption. We are fully capable of encountering market instability without it interfering in any way with our routine trading services and schedule.
  • Negative Balance Protection Policy
    Thanks to FXMARKER’s unique and legally binding policy, clients can never lose more than their investment. Because our customers’ accounts can never go into minus, they are shielded from any intense volatility.
  • Full Segregation of Bank Accounts 
    At FXMARKER, clients’ funds are all kept with reputable banks, and as such are fully protected. Additionally, these funds are always separated from other company capital.
  • Ongoing Margin Protection
    With the help of various automatic precautions and the newest technology available, FXMARKER clients are given full usage of their trading accounts’ margin. We monitor limits constantly to avoid even the smallest risk of negative balance.

On top of these effective security measures, FXMARKER is famous for its attentive customer service and excellent trading conditions and it places its clients’ interests above all else. We will continue to offer our clients the very best standards of safety and security and will serve them with unwavering protection.

FXMARKER is the trading name of Green Investment House Corp. authorized and regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”).
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